Friday, April 8, 2016

Selfie bunny

Seen around Christmas in a department store: I feel quite ambivalent about this image.  On the one hand, I find the artistry marvelously expressive and am quite impressed by how well it feels three dimensional even though it is a perfectly flat 2D cutout.  On the other hand, I have a purely prejudicial reflexive poor reaction toward the selfie stick, and wonder if the image is supposed to induce that in me or to wholeheartedly celebrate the glory of the selfie stick.  On the gripping hand, it's mass-produced corporate art and surely appearing in thousands of other stores around the nation, which causes me to further discount it, albeit again I feel unfairly.  Corporate art, after all, even uncredited and mass-produced, is no less a true artifact of our current civilization than the amphorae of ancient Greece were of that time.  Fortunately, I feel there is no need to resolve these various conflicting viewpoints, but simply to acknowledge and experience them in my appreciation of this artifact of corporate art.