Friday, February 17, 2017

Chicago Midway Squareport

For a very long time, I was completely wrong about where Chicago Midway Airport was. Since I knew it was supposed to be "more convenient" for getting downtown than O'Hare, for some reason I'd mapped it onto Meigs Field, the airport that used to actually be right next to downtown, out in the middle of the lake.  I think this is because I remembered that location well from the old Microsoft flight simulator, which started your airplane on Meigs field, but didn't tell you its name. I crashed many a highly experimental virtual jet in the midst of the skyscapers of Chicago, which is not entirely unrelated to why Meigs Field doesn't exist any more. This airport below me one day, however, tickled me in its remarkable squareness, and as I search for the "squareport" I was startled to discover that it is indeed Midway, much less "close and convenient" than my fantasy had believed.