Sunday, March 12, 2017

Alewife and Fresh Pond, Cambridge, MA

Sometimes I love an image not so much for its visual content as for the new perspective on a familiar piece of my life. This is such an image: I find the composition rather bland, but down there is the center of my professional life: the big road is Alewife Brook Parkway, going from Alewife Station at the bottom, and the three rectilinear slabs of the public housing projects, up over the railroad tracks to Fresh Pond, and over to the right below Alewife is BBN, where I've worked for nearly a decade now. I love identifying things I know from the air, in a fabulous treasure hunt: on one of my most favorite flights from Chicago to Boston, the air was clear and positioning was perfect from the middle of upstate New York onward and I was able to clearly and correctly identify from memory every significant city and highway from Utica to Albany and onward all the way to Boston. Sometimes the images are beautiful too, though this one I would say is merely workmanlike.